HELP with Scorpio Men in 2012 | Scorpio Man is Mr Control Freak

It is difficult to be objective about Scorpio men. Their partners have nothing bad to say about them but the friends of their partners - or should we say their friends before they became the partner of the Scorpio man (yes we should) - are not that complimentary. That's because a Scorpio man likes complete control and this does not allow for old friends because these cannot be completely vetted.... Still, if they Scorpio man and his partner shared friends - and that's usually how Scorpio finds a partner - the partner might be oblivious to this.

Scorpio Man is Mr Control Freak

Who is to say that life with a control freak cannot be good. It works for some men and women. This group - those who do not mind being controlled - dwell happily alongside Scorpio who is controlling but equally protective of their partners, their children and as many of his extended family (including all his siblings and their issue) too. Thing is, if you have been brought up in a family with few or no ties and no feeling of duty towards your blood then life with a Scorpio partner would be a dream come true for you.

HELP with Scorpio Men in 2012

HELP with Men! has more articles in its pipeline and will be developing this website up to the standard of the original HELP with Aquarius Men! website during 2012. We would ask you (that's partners, prospective partners and ex-partners of Scorpio men AND Scorpio men themselves) to give us feedback - leave a comment below. Tell us what you want to know and give us an idea of your life with a Scorpio man. We allow anonymous comments which allow you to be frank but will not publish anything untoward. Readers comments and feedback is useful to our Astrologers who become inspired and are encouraged to research elements of Scorpios (and other zodiac signs) which they might not have otherwise.

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